Stars and Stripes

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In 1997, we had a vision to provide our customers with affordable, excellent quality silk screening and embroidery. We wanted better quality than our competitors and a vast client database. We worked very hard to achieve this, never taking our customers for granted. Today, we are still providing our customers with an outstanding level of service and quality and we are stronger and better than ever. We have recently moved to a newer and larger facility to better serve our customers and to allow for even more growth. We are constantly upgrading our systems to make sure we are always up to speed. We have the latest software and hardware.We have multiple artists, press operators and sales people on staff. Our Art Department and Printing Department have over 21 years experience and can accomplish any task you may have. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality printing, embroidery and service and hope to bring this level of professionalism to our customers for many more years to come.